Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rosa Agustina

I thought that it was going to be hard to beat yesterday, but today was also amazing! We left the hotel around 10:30am to go to what Jorge told us was a "spa". But beforehand, we got a disclaimer that it really wasn't a spa at all - we would be playing the Chilean students in a fútbol game and just relaxing before going to a barbecue. Man, was that an understatement!

We got to Rosa Agustina, and it turned out to be a luxurious resort that reminded me of some of the fancy hotels I've been to on vacation with my family. We were surrounded by palm trees, five different outdoor pools, foosball games, ping pong tables, music playing, free drinks, and an all-you-can-eat delicious buffet. Jorge told us that he wanted it to be a surprise, so that's why he downplayed the resort. As soon as we stopped gawking, we picked up some empanadas from the bar and went to the mini fútbol field that was part of the resort. I can't play soccer for my life, so I just cheered everyone on in what I expected was imminent loss. The Americans actually held their own in the games, and I was pleasantly surprised when they beat the Chilean students in one game. 

After everyone was too tired to play any more, we got lunch at a gigantic buffet. There were so many food choices, it would've been impossible to eat a little bit of everything, which was my original plan. We sat there for a while, making sure to finish everything that was on the table. We couldn't let anything go to waste! When we were finished eating, everyone went separate ways. There were several foosball and ping pong games, some people went swimming, and I laid out on a pool chair with a few other girls.

We left to eat a barbecue dinner at one of the Chilean professor's houses. It was so much fun - we spent hours talking and laughing together over more delicious food as the end to a extraordinary day.

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