Monday, May 14, 2012


Today was our last morning at the University! Now we're used to waking up bright and early, eating a quick breakfast at the hotel, and taking a public bus to the University. Once we got there today, we got into our small groups and presented about the companies that we researched. I presented with Molly and Caryn on Nature's Farm, or Bosques del Mauco. The other presentations were on LAN, Hela, Viña Indomita, and Centauro. Jaime was with us again as an audience member, and he had a lot of great questions and comments on our presentations.

We ate lunch at the University for the last time, and we wanted to throw Abby and Allison (the birthday girls) into the pool as a celebration. Unfortunately they didn't really like the idea, and we didn't end up following through with the goal. We had a short break at the hotel before heading to a turf soccer field, where we played a girls game and a guys game of fútbol.
Tough girls after our game
After fútbol, we went to the mall again for a little bit. I bought a pair of shoes! While we were standing in a small group at the mall, a few other Americans found us. Four girls from a small school in Alabama were also studying abroad, but they were there for three months. We chatted for a while, and it was nice to speak with some other people from the U.S. We were pretty hungry, so we walked back to the hotel and stopped for empanadas on the way. Compared to last week, today was pretty low key! I'm still loving it here in Chile.

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