Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today was a very relaxed day! It's nice to have this second week to slow down after our first week of nonstop activity. We started out with a free morning, so I went with Kirsten, Caryn, Christian, Abby, Kelli, and Allison to go get some fresh bread and pastries and a pasteleria. All of the bread was so delicious! I also had a craving for some chocolate cake, so I got a torta as well. Breakfast of champions.

After eating, we walked a little bit further to a little market. Even though it was obviously directed to tourists, I still couldn't help investing some pesos in a few more souvenirs to bring back home. We left the market to go to the beach since it was such a beautiful day. I wish that winter in Pennsylvania is like winter in Chile - I was out in a tank top and jeans in the warm sunshine!

The whole group met back up at the hotel at 1:45pm to go play paintball with the Chilean students. Chilean paintball is very similar to the paintball I've played back in the United States. We got decked out in full body overalls and vests with facemasks, bearing guns full of paint ammo. The course was all natural terrain - that's the one difference between how I played in the U.S. There were no man-made obstacles to hide behind. But I was on the winning team for all of the games that we played, and I had a lot of fun!

We returned to the hotel and washed all of the dirt off of our bodies before heading out for dinner. We were in the mood for some Chinese food, so we went to a restaurant that we have walked by a few times in the past two weeks. The waiter turned out to be American; he grew up in Arizona and moved to South America three years ago! It was cool to meet someone originally from the U.S., and I really enjoyed my meal. I'm so sad that it's our second to last night here in Chile. I'm going to miss all of the amazing friends that I've made here.

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